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Urban Serenity Vase

Urban Serenity Vase

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Introducing the Urban Serenity Vase – a minimalist masterpiece that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with tranquil elegance. Elevate your space with this sleek and refined vase, designed to create a harmonious atmosphere that resonates with urban serenity. Crafted with clean lines and understated sophistication, this vase effortlessly complements any interior, adding a touch of contemporary calm to your surroundings. Embrace the essence of urban serenity in its purest form with this essential décor piece.

Please Note: Suitable for dried flowers storage only. Not intended for holding water.

Product Details:
- Dimensions: 5 x 15.5 x 11 cm
- Colors:  White, Gray, Pink, Beige, Blue
- Material: Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic

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