House, House, and more HOUSE!

You guys, I am sorry for being MIA on the blog. Things have been totally CRAZY for us these past few months. We went from selling our home, to not having a home, to finally having another home, to remodeling that home in less than a month. We have been working tirelessly on making that house a home, and it has been a whirlwind to say the least. I wanted to share a few snippets on what we have been working on, and the current progress on the house renovation. There is still so much to do, but we’ve already come so far and our house is finally starting to look like a house instead of a construction site! Full room-by-room reveals will be posted here soon, so stay tuned!

PaintRent or buy a professional spray gun and paint the house yourself if you have the time. We saved about $4,000 by doing this ourselves. My husband painted the house in a day and a half! I will share the paint colors we chose when we do the full kitchen reveal.


Trim: I had NO idea what a difference new baseboards can make! We decided to just put new baseboards downstairs for now, but it made a huge difference in making the house look better! Also, how cute is this little fireman?


Floors: We struggled here a little. This was the third item on the agenda after we painted the house and built a free standing island in the kitchen. We were already set on just extending and refinishing the existing oak hardwood floor since it was already there. After pricing everything out and adding in our limited amount of time (since we were living with my parents during the time), we decided to rip out the existing flooring and install laminate wood flooring instead. You guys, I thought I would be sad about this. I am NOT sad about this. The floors look amazing. Now, I don’t know too much about flooring, but I honestly cannot tell the difference from the real and not real wood! Here are my 3 favorite things about the laminate floors:

1. The wood planks are much wider than the narrow real oak flooring that was already in the house.


2. The color is perfect. Seriously. I don’t think I could get a better color with staining the real stuff.


3. WAY less cash money than installing and refinishing real hardwood.


Kitchen Island: This was a doozy. When we were first looking at the house, my husband suggested (I will always remind him that this was his idea, ha!) that we rip out the pony wall raised bar countertop and make a free standing island. I thought it was a good idea, but I had no idea it would look so good! It opened up the kitchen SO much and has made a huge difference in the way the kitchen looks. I will probably be forever swooning over my dreamy kitchen, especially have seen where it started.

Here is a before picture:


And here is a “in-progress” picture:


I honestly can’t wait to share the full kitchen makeover with you all soon! It is such a change! Here is sneak peak:

Backsplash: I wanted the herringbone style SO badly, and my incredible husband made it happen. He said it was the biggest pain in the butt to install, but he loves me so he did it anyway. I am a lucky lady, I really am. It is looking exactly how imagined it would look.


I actually ended up buying individual 2×8 subway tiles, instead of a sheet of herringbone tiles because it was WAY less expensive. I was not about to pay $18 a square foot for 30 square feet! My husband is going to do a herringbone tile tutorial on his blog soon, so watch out for that if you are interested!


All in all, things are happening and we are so happy to finally be in a house again! I will definitely share more as we go!


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